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Realtime and accurate
channel data.

Most channel data is inaccurate and hard to use.
We use AI to provide you with the most accurate data in the industry.

Automated Expertise

Transforming Unstructured Data with AI

Leverage groundbreaking Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback loops to train AI models, fully automate data pipelines, and eliminate manual processes.

Accurately Process Unstructured Data

Our proprietary Small Language Models have improved accuracy up to 98% from previously incomprehensible datasets, quickly learning any data format or language.

Incremental Training

As you work with Data Steward, it learns from you and improves its performance drastically over time, never making the same mistake twice.

Adaptive Growth

As data changes, your models can be retrained incrementally to keep up with the latest data, learning on the fly with your business.

A New Era

Envision Your Business Transformed

Imagine a future where data is not a challenge but a strategic asset. Data Steward is designed to meet your industry's specific challenges. It brings harmony to fragmented data streams, enabling smarter, faster decision-making.

Data Standardization.
All data that comes into Data Steward is standardized to a common format, allowing for easy integration with existing databases.
Custom Validations
You can create custom data validations to guard against downstream errors and missing data, and get instant feedback from vendors when you need their input.
Submission Tracking
Track the status of your submissions and analyze the data to see where you can improve your processes and remove bottlenecks.
Advanced Security.
Fully SOC2 compliant, Data Steward is built with security in mind, letting you choose where and how long your data is stored.
Powerful API.
Data Steward provides an extensible API and SDK that allows it to seamlessly communicate with your existing systems.
Model Branching.
You can monitor the performance of your models and create branches to A/B test new models on the data of similar customer segments.

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Transform your
data management.

Save countless man hours and improve your data quality, giving your team the confidence to make the right business decisions.